George Fluke

I believe Art exists, and so deserves its own objective and unambiguous definition. That definition must include the central role of metaphor, satire, and irony in distinguishing what is art from what is simply image or entertainment. I believe it is the responsibility of artists to produce socially relevant work, and to pass on the definition to each succeeding generation, lest we become a society that considers Hanna Montana, American Idols, or Thomas Kinkade as Artists.

Art uses metaphor to make new and unlikely comparisons, which build an interconnected web of concepts and knowledge joining all human societies, past and present. Art is our link to the past, before the invention of writing, when everything that we could know was stored in our minds as discrete bundles of imagery waiting to be unlocked by the proper metaphor. I’m proud to be part of this tradition.

Featured image on this page: George Fluke “Detroit”

George Fluke "Multicellular"

George Fluke “Multicellular”

George Fluke "Spies"

George Fluke “Spies”


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